About Us

We are the Jewish Community Consultants Network (JCCN). In our name, we note that we are serving the Jewish community; this network exists specifically to further the growth and learning of and deepen the connections among those whose work is in service of advancing the Jewish community.

The JCCN, founded as the Jewish Consultants Group in 2003, has as its mission to support and cultivate a professional learning community of independent consultants serving the Jewish community. Together, we improve our ability to transform a wide variety of Jewish organizations, to engage in deep learning to nurture our own capacity to serve and strengthen our own network of colleagues throughout the Jewish community.

As consultants, we value the power of this network, and opportunities to grow together into a connected community built on trust, collaboration, shared learning and shared expertise, mutual respect and engaged participation. We believe that in this space, we all have the capacity to grow, to learn and to lead, and to nurture our own individual trajectories as independent consultants. 

Our members….

  • engage in shared leadership of our community of learners, through a wide variety of volunteer opportunities like facilitation of our days of learning, hosting and convening smaller gatherings, service on our steering committee or other committees, and other emergent opportunities to volunteer and lead
  • are active participants: in our days of learning, in our dialogues, in our on- and offline conversations, in our committees, and more
  • are committed to the consultative role in its capacity to serve Jewish organizations
  • cultivate community and share wisdom, knowledge, expertise and experience

Our network is led by a Steering Committee, which helps our network to run smoothly, and engages us in productive opportunities for growth. 

We have mechanisms for communication for our network in a variety of spaces and we invite regular conversation,  interaction, and opportunities for continued engagement and dialogue among members.  We have a Facebook group and a GoogleGroup, and are pleased to use these for conversation and connection between gatherings. 


(11.6.19: note that this document is evolving as the JCCN is evolving, and we look forward to sharing new iterations with you)